Friday, January 22, 2010

Baby Love...

Jackson loves his cousins....especially when their babies!!! He loves to hold and rock them.

Best Friends....

Kaden got to have a sleep over with his bestest friend in the whole wide world....Paxton!!! He was so excited to go and be by himself, without his brother and sister too! He has his grandma to himself on the drive too!!! This kid was in Heaven!!! He even picked out his favorite cowboy pajamas to wear to the cowboy house that is the Mitchell residence!! Thanks for watching him Auntie Kass and Grandma!!! I know he had a blast!!!

Hey Good Lookin, What You Got Cookin...??

Found this adorable bake set for Brooklyn....wanna know the best part??? It was $2.50!!! She pulls it out multiple times a day and bakes. She loves to be in the kitchen with me when I'm making dinner. She pulls a chair right up and has to watch ever so closely to how it's done. I can hardly wait till she can start taking over cooking duty!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Miss B really does like just about everything, even broccoli. This is her a couple weeks ago at the grocery store with me. I bagged the broccoli and paid for it and she promptly took it out when I had my back turned and helped herself. We had lots of people giggling as we made our way out of the store!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Date Night....

Saw this a couple weeks ago on Date Night...LOVED IT!!! Have you seen it???? If not, you gotta go!!!

Crazy Catch Up!!!

It's been such a long time since I blogged last, and when I did blog, I left a lot of stuff out!!! Sooo, today I'm gonna try to catch everybody up....starting at Halloween!!! Crazy right??!?!?! I know I know.....but this is for journal purposes too, so hang with me!!!

For Halloween, Jackson was a vampire, Kaden was an Air Force Guy, and Miss B was a witch. The younger two wouldn't pose for any pictures I took, so my memories will have to work. Jackson was a fabulous vampire I think!! We have our talented friend Paula to thank for that!!!

Then in November, we had Thanksgiving at my sisters house. We attempted to get a picture of all the kids with my mom, you can see how that turned out!! Thanksgiving was great though!!! My brother and his wife came to visit and that was fun! It was the first time we'd had a holiday all together in a long long time! We decided to decorate gingerbread houses while we had all the kids together. That was a fun mess!!! And the best part was I had to go see patients for home health, so Jason and my mom had to clean up the mess....oops!! (But great planning on my part huh???)

December brought Christmas, Kaden's birthday, and my last year in my twenties...dang!! But it was a great month besides that!! My birthday was really really good, I was very very spolied by everyone! Jason made my favorite cupcakes, rainbow chip. We had some great family time. We had the pleasure of having Jason's girls with us for 6 days over the holiday, and that was a blast! Jason surpised them and took them to New Moon which they LOVED! And then I took all the kids plus my step sister Erika to the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. Then came Christmas, and WOW, Christmas with kids is such a blast!!! We were all spoiled very very much!!! Santa brought Alli a guitar, Emily a jewlery maker, The Boys a Basketball hoop, and Brooklyn a doll house. They were all thrilled with all of their new presents! Even the new crayons got smiles! We're really trying to teach them to be grateful for everything we have and all the blessings we've been given.

At the end of December was Kaden's birthday!!! 5 YEARS OLD!!! Where did the time go??? He's a whole hand!!! And he was super bummed that he didn't get to go to Kindergarten the next day. That's due to me telling him when you're 5 baby when you're 5.....hard to explain waiting to a little boy. For his birthday party he wanted to go skating, so that's exactly what we did. We had pizza, cake and presents at the house first. Sponge Bob was the cake of choice this year. Then we converged on Deleta. He was excited to have his cousins there and his friend Jake and Tenley and Maddox. It was great to see Kaden have his very own day! He skated out to the middle and everyone at the rink gathered around him and sang happy birthday. You can tell by his smile that he was on cloud 9!!! The Limbo played as usual, and guess who won.....Jackson!!! He was so funny to watch!! He was pulling all these dance moves and then would skate under. He was so proud of himself when he won!

So that's the catch up for now. I'm resolving to do better these next few months.....we'll see if I succeed.

Kaden getting sang to
Blowing out the candles!!!

Alli opening presents

Kaden opening

Emily opening....notice Miss B and the lip gloss around her neck??? She didn't take it off all day. And she would put it on her lips before and after each present and proceed to share with anyone around. She loved that stuff!!! It was so funny to watch her! Such a girly girl

Miss B ripping it open

The presents Santa left

Grandma (MaGa) with the fantastic 8!!!!

Auntie Jess helping the boys with their gingerbread house

The girls with their mad decorating skills!!!

Jackson taking a bite outta his brother!!!

My little vampire