Friday, January 21, 2011

My Lil Ballerina.....

Lil Miss Brooklyn had her first dance recital a couple weeks ago. She did a ballet and tap number. Both were so stinkin adorable. I'm so happy to have a little girl that I can do girly things with.

Love ya Mis B!!!!

Christmas 2010....

What a great Christmas we had!!! We had my kiddos for the first part of Christmas Day, and then I went to work and they went with their dad. We had Emily and Alli the weekend after Christmas so they were able to open their presents then. Everyone was spoiled rotten. Something so special that happened this year is we had surprise presents for everyone show up on the store step. We don't know who are secret elves were, but boy we were so blessed to have them thinking of us. The tears were flowing while the kids were opening new socks, pajamas, toys, and blankets from them. So maybe if by chance those elves read our blog, thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!!! We appreciate your thoughtfulness so very much!!!

Every kid got a brand new pair of pajama pants made by Grandma. They loved them!!

Kaden playing with his Paper Jamz from Santa

The boys with their presents from Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jess. Jackson's is a remote helicopter and Kaden's is a Wii game!! Thanks guys!!!

The kids loot from Santa....Brooklyn got a Barbie car and Barbie, Kaden got a Paper Jamz, Jackson got Call of Duty for the Wii, Emily got new roller blades, and Alli got a caboodle filled with girly things like makeup and nail polish.
Thanks to everyone who helped make this Christmas so special for our kids. I just love watching them on Christmas morning. They get so excited for everything, big and small......

Jim Bridger

Jackson had to do his first big school project. He had to choose someone that has been instrumental with Idaho's history and do a report as well as make a look a like poster to go with it. He chose Jim Bridger, who was a famous mountain man and guide. He is who Bridgers Pass and Fort Bridger are named after. We learned many interesting facts about Jim in all of our research. Jackson's favortie fact I think was that Jim lived with an arrowhead in his back for 3 years after a battle with Indians. After fighting back and forth and some tough love, the project is finally finished. Good Job bud!!!