Thursday, October 6, 2011

~First Day of School~

 My big 1st grader
 My ultra big, almost too cool for pictures, 5th grader
 Brothers forever
Brooklyn insisted she get a 1st day of school picture year, it could be her having a 1st day too  (sniff, sniff)...then again, maybe not!!!

Top 10 things from Summer

Here is my Top 10 List from our Summer Vacation just to catch everyone up!!!

1*Kindergarten Graduation (not technically summer, but it did start us off!!!)
2*Jackson's Team winning the baseball championship!!!  Go Indians!!  I love watching him play baseball!!!
3*Kaden playing his 2nd year of T Ball!!!  He even switch hits....who knew my kid could even do that!?!?!?
4*Bear Lake...we go every summer and this year didn't disappoint!!  And boy oh boy did our sunburns show it!!!  OUCH!!!  Lots of memories from that!!!
5*Our sweet rat terrier Molly had to be put down...this one is a sad one but still made our summer memorable...we'll miss you girl!!!
6*We celebrated 2 big birthdays in July!!  Jackson turned 10 (say what?!?!?)  and Brooklyn turned 4  (sniff, sniff)  We had a great "Nacho ordinary birthday party" with nachos, margaritas, and a pinata!!!  So fun!!!
7*Relay for Life    We again participated as a family this year...this is one of my most favorite activites that we do together!!!  Cancer has touched us in many ways and I believe us showing our kids how our small contributions can make a big difference is HUGE!!!
8*We got to see some of my extended family this summer on a quick weekend trip to Twin for my cousins wedding...loved seeing my Uncle Randy from Seattle!!  We just don't see him enough!!!
9*We sold the Dodge and purchased the Honda Odyssey....which we lovingly call the Silver Bullet)    sorry no pics of this
10*We soaked up many warm summer days on hikes, park trips, and just being together!!!  
We are a blessed family and can't wait for many more awesome summers to enjoy together!!!   Bring on Fall!!!!

 Kaden and his sweet teacher Mrs Westwood....he insisted on wearing his suit for graduation and I think he sure looks handsome!!!
 Me and my soon to be 1st Grader!!! 
 Jackson with the Champions!!!
 Kaden making a great slide into home plate!!!
 Playin in the sand!!!
 Alli soakin up some rays!!!
Kaden bein a beach bum!!!

 The kids with Molly on the day we said goodbye
 The birthday girl!!!
 Alli are super cool tween!!!
 Brooklynne M havin a wack at the pinata!!
 Even the big boys gave it a try...this is Eben
 Sweet cousins....bestest friends
 Brooklyn and Brooklynne
 Emily and Alli at the Relay for Life
 Brooklyn in her princess gown....the theme this year was Once Upon A Cure
 Mommy and Brooklyn walking laps
The big ole Stockwell/Miller/McMichael/Yearsley clan!!!