Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gone Missing.....

The camera has been missing for 3 weeks soon as it is found, I will post pics. A lot has been going on, so for memory sake, I'll just post without pictures for now.

I changed my hair color to brunette, and I have to say I'm quite enjoying the change. So, I think it'll be this way for a little while.

We had Miss Emily's birthday party on Jan 30th. She turned 9!!! We went sledding at Grandma and Grandpa Gunter's place in McCammon, and I have to say it was a blast!!! All of the kids had such a fantastic time. And then we drank cocoa around the fire Grandpa Stockwell built for us. After sledding, we headed back home for pizza, presents, and cake. Thanks to my mom for making the cake, Emily loved it!!!

Our Valentines day was a day of love for sure!!! We had pink strawberry nutella crepes with whipped cream for breakfast!!! Yummo!!! Jason brought each girl a red rose home that morning, and little girls just love getting flowers!!! Grandma and Grandpa Mc sent lots of goodies for all th kids, Grandpa Stockwell gave them treats, and Grandma Stockwell spoiled them with presents too. On top of the little treats we gave them they were super spoiled kiddos. That night there was a knock on the door and Jason said oh good your present is here. I really figured it was flowers, which I wouldn't complain about, but oh no, it was 2 delivery men bringing in 3 brand new dressers!!! Just what we needed!! He had had them ordered since before Christmas! What a guy!!! Thanks again babe, they are absolutly perfect!!!

The boys are now in wrestling. They practice 2x a week and the matches will start next month. Both are doing really well, and it's so good to see them get some physical activity!! (Plus they sleep better at night, which mommy luvs!!!!)

So that about wraps up life in this house for now. I'm praying the camera shows up soon!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Today I took the kids to get ice cream after we picked up Jackson from school. While they were sitting at the bar happily licking their swirl cones I get the pleasure of hearing.....

"Jackson, I think you're the best brother in the whole wide world."
"Well Kaden, I think you're the best brother in the whole wide world"

They make my heart melt sometimes..... These are the best 2 boys a mom could ask for, and I get to be their lucky mommy!!!!