Sunday, February 13, 2011

~~Love Love Love Day~~

What a fantastic Valentine's Day weekend we had!!!! This morning everyone woke to a red rose, boxes of chocolates and heart shaped donuts. My husband is so fantastic at coiming up with little things to do for the kids!!! He's the goofy guy below who can't take a serious picture!!!

Saturday morning I made the traditional Valentines Day breakfast of something pink. This year is was pink french toast. Miss Brooklyn is very happy considering pink if her absolute favorite color!!!

My sweet 6 year old....ignore the sleepy mommy....I had only had 1 cup of coffee at this moment
Mommy hard at work giving the husband a dirty scowl for taking my picture at that early
morning hour!!!
I love making all of the holidays happy and special for my kids. I love that they knew we would be having a special breakfast. I love that they love Valentine's Day just as much. My cute Kaden was handing me conversation hearts all morning with xo or my girl on it. All of our kids are our world, Love you guys!!!