Friday, June 3, 2011

~~Finally an Update~~~

Well the stars have finally aligned just right and I'm able to update this blog after so long!!!  Between being busy with work and family, our computer was out of commission for a little while and then Blogger was down, but now finally, an update!!!

We've stayed plenty busy this spring so far.  Jason's parents and sister Jessica stayed with us for about a week.  The kids just love when they get to spend an extended about of time with them.  Rick and Jess were able to help Jason with some "honey do" projects that were long overdue!!!  And Sue was able to read and visit with me!!!  Thanks for visiting guys and we can't wait until next time!!!

All of the grandkids with Grandma and Grandpa McMichael

Auntie Jess with Alli, Emily and Jackson
Wlhile we were in Boise with Jason's family for an overnight trip we were also able to meet up with my Aunt Cheryl and family.  It was so great for the kids to get to meet her and visit a little over coffee.  The visit didn't last too long..5 kids in a coffee shop is an accident waiting to happen, but we enjoyed every minute we had!!!

Brooklyn and Great Aunt Cheryl
Me and Aunt Cheryl

Also in March we were able to celebrate Allie's 12 birthday!!!  She's so excited for next year when she marks the teenage years!!!  We had cupcakes and presents.  Alli is turning into such a beautiful young woman and we're so blessed to have her!!!
Jason was able to take an extra day with just the girls for Alli's birthday and they spent it doin the all time best girly thing ever!!!  Pedicures!!!  The girls just loved it and Jason loved bein able to watch the smiles on their faces throughout the day!!!  I was bummed I had to work and miss it!!!  I love pedicures!!!
And finally on this update we have Easter!!!  We had all of the kiddos this year and that makes it so much more fun and special!!!  We spent the day before Easter decorating eggs and having a special dinner at my sister's house with her family and our mom.  We love getting together and the kids have such fun together!!!

Look at all of those eggs!!!  Everyone loved unique creations!!!

Brooklyn getting ready for the big hunt!!!

Jackson hunting.    It was sorta like an obstacle course for the older kids becuase my sister has an electric fence on her property too, so they had to crawl on their bellies to get under it at different times.  The adults had some good laughs!!!

And finally Easter Sunday brought some new outfits and some fine lookin kids!!!  I just love when everyone dresses up and smiles nice for pictures!!!

And our family together after church.   We hope everyone's Spring has sprung like ours....It's been an awfully cold and cloudy one so far, so we say BRING ON SUMMER!!!!

Stay tuned for more pics of baseball, kindergarten graduation and summer vacation!!!

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